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"We want to transport you to that familiar place or take you on a new exciting scent journey."


Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we possess. It has been proven that there is a link between our memory and smell, and that the scent of something familiar can trigger a special memory of a wonderful moment in our lives that we treasure for ever.


Singularly, our aim at Sunny Honey Candle Company is to evoke these special memories through unique and distinctive candles. We want to transport you to that familiar place or take you on a new exciting scent journey.


We hand pour scented soy wax candles that are inspired by the places and events that take place on our doorstep in Sussex, England. In our studio we focus on small batch and limited-edition products so that we can constantly evolve and innovate, bringing you seasonal fragrances and exciting scent journeys to discover.


Sunny Honey Candle Co was created when founder Laura ventured back into the workplace after taking a career break to raise her two daughters, Alix Sunny and Emilia Honey.


Having a love of fragrance and extensive travel, Laura was well aware that scent gave the power of escapism. After relocating to South Downs National Park, there was so much inspiration on the doorstep, we decided to launch a range of candles that reflected this beautiful area of England.


After becoming a mum, Laura enjoyed using candles to create not only a warm cosy environment, but to also fragrance the home. On many occasions she was disappointed to find so many candles would either stain and mark newly decorated white walls or would ‘tunnel’ when lit leaving wasted wax in the container. It was disheartening, and it seemed to occur whether the candle was mass produced or from a boutique. 


Using Laura’s unique experience and determination, we make our own candles using 100% Soy wax with cotton wicks and fragrances that allow our candles to burn cleanly, evenly, filling the home with a beautiful aroma.


Our mission is to give you an affordable yet luxurious addition to your home that can be used on a daily basis.

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